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sweet memories with aladdin bread...

well ive had many memorable experiences with aladdin bread, but some of my favorites are:
•breaking aladdin bread with my best buds at a picnic in balboa park at the end of summer.
•eating that warm freshly baked aladdin bread on the way home from henrys the other day.
•eating aladdin bread while watching kill bill for the first time...

and some of my least favorite aladdin bread memorys are:
all those times when someone wasted a perfectly good hunk of aladdin bread by cutting it into little slices... and that one time when aladdin gave all of his bread to those little homeless children... well i guess that was a good thing to do, but poor aladdin and abu...

well im glad that some mad genius finally made a community for all us AB fanatics!
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Deleted comment

word. sounds like a very very difficult thing to do. but since its like, the ultimate sacrifice, that just makes him more of an EXCELLENT AMAZING guy!
i wonder if aladdin called his bread aladdin bread..

Deleted comment

since aladdin is aladdin, he probably just called it "bread."

Deleted comment

good point.