ashley (asheyj) wrote in aladdinbread,

yay aladdin

i can't seem to remember all of my wonderful "AB" experiences, as meghan might, but recently, i've eaten a lot of aladdin bread.. and i'll tell you about one of the experiences..
the other day my two sisters and i went to henry's, which, by the way has THE BEST aladdin bread! so, we picked some up and when we got into the car i could smell the aladdin bread.. it was screaming to my senses- "eat me! eat me now!".. i couldn't help but give in.. i grabbed the warm bag of tastey goodness and ripped off a chunk.. yummm it was sooooooo good. by the time we got home, we had eaten the whole loaf, and i must admit i did most of the eating.. yummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm
i <3 aladdin bread.
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